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Side Hustle Income Report – January 2021

February 1, 2021 1 Comment

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click through to a website from a link found here on my blog and register or purchase something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. 

What a month!

From a national lockdown, to snow days, to the longest payday gap of the year, it’s certainly been a rollercoaster.

Things have been pretty busy here at Funding Her Freedom HQ, what with things being crazy at work following a restructure, my Amazon business and turning 30.

Back in December, I also made the pledge to myself to write and release two blog posts every week (from one post a week), so when I haven’t been working, I’ve been writing.

All this effort has come at a cost, however, and my side hustle income has decreased this month, compared to others.

But why do I share my side hustle income reports?

I’ve always loved having a read of other people’s income reports, which is why I wanted to start sharing mine – to show how much I’ve been able to make outside of my 9-5 in the last month.

I hope to show that, regardless of how much time you have available to you, you can always make an extra tenner here or there – and this soon adds up!

Before we get into it, you can catch my last three side hustle income reports here:

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So, how much did I make in January outside of my 9-5?

Facebook Marketplace – £12

After a great couple of months selling our old stuff (predominantly workout kit, which was selling extremely well!) things certainly slowed down this month. We’re reaching the end of our sellable clutter pile, and things aren’t being snapped up quite as quickly.

This month we sold a couple of toys, a medicine ball and a hairbrush, and we’re hoping for a final push in February, as we look to prepare for moving house in March.

Prolific – £29.77

We’re all spoilt for choice when it comes to survey companies, but I will forever remain loyal to Prolific.

This month I made £29.77 from the comfort of my sofa, which isn’t bad for the amount of time I dedicated to it.

eBay – £5

Despite a Max £1 Seller Fees weekend in January, I have been seriously slacking when it comes to using eBay to sell my old things.

This month’s only sale came in the form of a New Look summer dress I’ve had for a few years, and I currently only have 13 items listed.

In February, I’ll be looking to list more items to ensure we’re moving with as little ‘stuff’ as possible.

Affiliate Marketing – £27.30

This month I made £27.30 through affiliate marketing, which isn’t bad considering it’s from recommending software I use every single day!

This is an area I’m looking to seriously focus on in 2021, and hope to eventually have it as my most profitable and passive of all income sources (including my 9-5 wage!)

Matched betting – £152

Through a combination of reload offers and casino offers, I was able to make £152 through matched betting this month (minus Profit Accumulator software costs).

As with the last couple of months, matched betting is a side hustle I haven’t dedicated quite as much of my time to, but for a very minimal amount of effort, there’s no chance I’ll be stopping completely.

If you’re intrigued by matched betting, these posts might be of interest to you:

Can You Still Make Money with Matched Betting in 2021?

How Much Did I Make from Matched Betting in 2020?


I don’t currently share my Amazon income as part of my side hustle numbers, as I am reinvesting all profits back into the business to scale as quickly as possible.

However, I do share all of my Amazon private label numbers over on this section of the blog, so if you’re intrigued, you can find out more here.

Cashback – £6.60

With a few birthdays (and a few treats) this month, I was able to earn £6.60 via TopCashback.

I will forever sing the praises of cashback sites, with my personal favourite being TopCashback. You can sign up here (referral link), or go direct – and earn money back when you spend with some of the nation’s favourite retailers.

Side Hustle Total for January: £232.67

Compared to other months, this isn’t a huge amount – but I’m still happy with it. That’s £232 I can now invest in my Amazon business, in order to help us grow and scale as quickly as possible, and get ever closer to our goal of financial freedom.

In February, we’re hoping to further declutter the house in preparation for moving in March, so might try out Vinted as opposed to eBay as I keep hearing great things.

I’ll also be continuing with matched betting and Prolific, and might apply to a couple of mystery shopping assignments which are currently predominantly focusing on telephone enquiries rather than having to go anywhere – what with lockdown an’ all.

As always if you have any questions about any of these side hustles, please do get in touch – I’m always happy to chat about extra income streams and you can either email me or pop me a DM on Instagram.

Here’s to a February full of side hustles!

1 Comment

  • Kayleigh Zara February 8, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    I personally love reading income reports, it’s so interesting to see how people make their money. Congratulations on your affiliate earning, passive income really is the bee’s knees with affiliate marketing! It’s where I make 80% of my money x

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