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Lifestyle Purchases to Save Money in the Long Run

October 12, 2020 No Comments
Lifestyle Purchases to Help You Save Money in the Long Run

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click through to a website from a link found here on my blog and register or purchase something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. 

For a long time now, society has been obsessed with the disposable, accessible and cheap. Anything that makes our lives easier, is available on demand, and can give the quick dopamine hit that comes with shopping is always going to be a winner.

I was exactly the same until I started looking around me, and realised all my clutter used to be money – which is when I knew I needed to start making some drastic changes if I was going to increase my bank balance and minimise my impact on the environment.

So, after making a focused effort to only spend money on items I truly want, or that will save me money in the long run, I wanted to share with you today the products I’ve been loving lately – most of which are kind on my wallet AND kind to the environment.

(Side note: the initial outlay for some of these products can seem steep and it’s only in the last year or so I’ve been in a position to consider spending on them. Instead, it’s always worth checking out eBay or charity shops to see if you can get them at an even better rate).

So here goes – nine products that will save us all money in the long-run (because sometimes, you really do get what you pay for):

Amazon Kindle

After deliberating for months as to whether or not to get a Kindle, I finally took the plunge during the height of lockdown – and it’s absolutely something I wish I’d done sooner. Not only does it save money through Kindle books typically being cheaper than physical books, but I’d have less to declutter on my bookcase, and could have saved a load of space in my suitcase on my last few trips.

Needless to say, I’m a complete convert, and if you’re a big reader, I’d urge you to look into it. I went for the small black and white 6″ display Kindle, which came to £70, and found a nice case on eBay to keep it protected for £5.99.


One for the ladies – I couldn’t recommend ModiBodi period pants more! You can bet since I made this change I have raved about these to all of my girlfriends, and they’re all giving them a go. ModiBodi’s customer service is second to none, and if you’re not happy with a pair from your first order, they’ll give you your money back.

No more feeling ‘ick’, or having the constant nagging paranoia over contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome – and spending less money in the long term, and benefitting the environment. I can’t see me using anything else now!

Chilly’s Bottles

Oh Chilly’s, how I love you so! I’ve had so many water bottles over the years that have promised so much, but delivered so little, that now I’ve found one that works, I’ll never be willing to go elsewhere.

Chilly’s Bottles keep your water cold for 24 hours, or your warm drinks warm for 12 hours, all whilst avoiding any leaks.

They’re a little on the pricey side at £25 – £35, but if it saves you buying bottles of water when out and about, and considering my current bottle is on it’s third year, I’d say the savings outnumber the costs – as well as securing yet more environmental benefits.

Water Filter

Whilst we’re on the topic of water, I’d also recommend picking up a water filter and jug for you to store in the fridge, to cut back on bottled water. Freshly chilled and filtered water on demand? Sign me up!

I swear by this jug from Wilkinson’s, whose filters are much cheaper than alternatives.

Brita also make great jugs and filters, as I’m sure you know, but I’ve found no difference between the two brands for it to justify the increased costs to have a brand name.

Slow cooker

My slow cooker has seen me through my university years, my early 20s, and now, on to the next stage of my life as I approach my 30s (eek!) – and I’m STILL on the same one!

If I remember correctly, my Russell Hobbs slow cooker cost me about £40 back in 2009, and boy oh boy has it been one huge comfort blanket during the winter months.

If you don’t know how a slow cooker works, you can prep your stews, chillis, meat etc in the morning, set it to either a low or high heat (depending on how long you’re going to be out of the house), and by the time you get home, your stews and casseroles are ready for you (and making your house smell incredible!) On a cold, rainy day, there really is no better welcome home!

This is the closest I can find to my one:

Lock n’ Locks

Often replicated, never beaten – Lock n’ Locks are the true heroes of the Tupperware game, and the most reliable too.

To save money, I like to cook up large casseroles in the slow cooker and save all leftovers in my Lock n’ Locks in the freezer – saving time and money on future meals! I’ve had a fair few cheaper varieties of Tupperware, but find Lock n’ Locks to be the most reliable and secure – I’ve never had one let me down yet!

Personally I try to get all the same sizes, as otherwise, if you buy multipacks of varying sizes, you inevitably use the same two over and over, and the smaller ones are neglected.

Perfect for lunches and frozen leftovers, I tend to go for this size:

Nike Leggings

I always used to buy my leggings from the likes of Primark, as I didn’t really work out enough to warrant spending anything more than a tenner on them.

However, I once caught a pair of Nike leggings on deal (I swear by their Running Tights) and I’ll never look back – no more cheap, thinning-round-the-bum, baggy-round-the-crotch Primark leggings which would need replacing everytime I suddenly had the bi-annual urge to go for a run.

Instead, I knew I’d be purchasing these leggings as a staple piece, and I’m eyeing up my next pair. 

Literally, aside from a pair of lounge pants and a pair of trackie bottoms, I’ve lived Nike Running Tights throughout 2020 and they haven’t let me down yet.

Vegetable patch in your garden

This is actually an area I’m currently looking into – the garden of our rental house is very gravel-heavy, so whilst we can’t dig into the soil to plant any vegetables, we do have large pots which we’ve started trying to grow tomatoes and peppers in. I’ve also got my eye on some potato bags, as we get through so many potatoes – in particular, I’m thinking these ones will do the job:

The initial outlay is going to be more expensive than grabbing a few cheap bits of veg from Aldi, but you can’t beat the sense of satisfaction that comes with growing your own food and living off the land.

Don’t have a garden? Even a herb garden on your windowsill will do!

Reusable freezer bags

Another one that helps not only your budget, but the environment. I love my reusable freezer bags, and make sure different colour bags are for meat, and the rest are for berries, soups and stews. I also use them in the fridge, when I most commonly used sandwich bags, and my boyfriend often takes his lunch to work in them.

These ones in particular are perfect as they’re free-standing, so perfect for soups:

It’s so worth spending that extra bit of money when your cost per use is decreased because the item lasts so much longer. Just make sure you read a number of reviews before committing to something a little more expensive than usual, and if you can get cashback, always make sure you do by going through TopCashback or Quidco.

Not on TopCashback? Sign up here and start saving on your purchases today! (In the interests of transparency, I will receive a commission if you sign up through this link. If you’d rather I don’t, Google TopCashback and sign up directly).

Since committing to cutting back on spending, and only buying things I truly want (along with trying to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle), these products have been my absolute saviours. Yes, some require a larger initial outlay, but the cost per use will have you saving money in no time.

As the saying goes: sometimes, you really do get what you pay for.

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