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Jungle Scout Review: Is it the Must-Have Software for Amazon Sellers?

August 5, 2021 No Comments
Jungle Scout Review

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click through to a website from a link found here on my blog and register or purchase something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. 

This post explores whether Jungle Scout really is a must have piece of software for Amazon sellers – along with my honest Jungle Scout review below.

If you’ve been reading Funding Her Freedom for a while now, or following me over on Instagram, you’ll know my side hustle of choice is ecommerce – specifically, private labelling via Amazon FBA.

But what is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA – or Fulfilment by Amazon, as it’s more formally known – is a business model which sees entrepreneurs sell products on Amazon, without necessarily having to store, pack or ship units as they sell.

These could be products you picked up online or in shops, which you are hoping to resell for a profit on Amazon, they could be products you sourced via a wholesaler, or they could be products you have private labelled.

The below image breaks down the process further:

Amazon FBA process

Why I became an Amazon FBA seller

If you’re a reader of my private label journey updates, you’ll know my story by now.

You see, I’ve always known a 9-5 lifestyle isn’t for me. Undoubtedly, it has its’ perks, but personally I’ve always struggled with staying in one place for too long, and would much rather live a laptop lifestyle to give me the location independence I crave.

I’m also keen on achieving financial freedom at a relatively early age, and would like to be in the position to retire in my 40s – and this isn’t going to happen if I stay on my current career path.

So, I knew I had to create a new income stream for myself, if I was ever going to achieve the freedom I so desperately want – which is how I came across the opportunities selling on Amazon creates:

  • Amazon has over 300 million customers – and it’s ever-increasing!
  • This year, Amazon’s market share is expected to account for half of the entire ecommerce retail market
  • FBA means sellers can easily scale their business – thanks to having access to this huge customer base – and can manage it from anywhere in the world thanks to the hands-off nature of the business model
  • Four times as many sellers reach a million dollars in revenue on Amazon versus eBay.

Well, I was sold. I consumed every piece of content I could in relation to Amazon FBA, and I signed up to both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, which were consistently recommended by experienced and successful sellers.

Find out my thoughts on Helium 10 here.

So what is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a tool built by sellers, for sellers. In fact, it’s founder, Greg Mercer, is an 8-figure Amazon seller himself – so he ‘gets’ it. He gets what we go through on a daily basis – from product research, to sourcing suppliers, to launching, to growing – and everything in between!

It’s an all-encompassing piece of software for Amazon sellers particularly focusing on the private label business model – where you source products from a supplier, and create a brand around them.

But let’s dig a little deeper – what tools are actually included with Jungle Scout?

Product Research Tools

Product Database: Filter through Amazon’s entire product catalogue based on multiple categories (demand, price, estimated sales, seasonality etc) within seconds.

Product Tracker: Follow the products of potential competitors that you’re potentially interested in to see their inventory levels, pricing fluctuations, sales, Best Seller Rank and more – all without having to open any spreadsheets!

Chrome Extension: We’ll come back to this one below, as it deserves its own section (I’m a big fan!)

Niche Hunter: This tool helps you diversify the products within your existing brand(s).

Sourcing a Supplier

Supplier Database: Showcasing global suppliers, their customer volume, and a record of confirmed shipment, this tool helps sellers identify and approach legitimate suppliers with a strong track record.

Keyword Research & Listing Optimisation Tools

Keyword Scout: Whether you’re looking to optimise your listings with relevant keywords, or want to know which keywords you should be targeting with your PPC ad-spend, Keyword Scout shows the exact and broad search volume for specific keywords. You can even use the tool to see what keywords customers are searching for during your product research phase – the more popular a search term, the more you might want to investigate it further!

Product Launch Tools

Launch: This handy tool enables sellers to both promote their Amazon products and send automated emails – which is particularly useful when trying to maximise customer service. Check customers are happy with their products, assist with any potential issues they may have encountered, and ask them to leave reviews (NB: you can’t ask them to leave a positive review!)

Managing Your Business – Sales Analytics, Inventory Manager, Alerts

Sales Analytics: Consider this to be the financial hub of your business. Whether you want to examine it business-wide, or for particular products, you can use the Sales Analytics portal to review your profits, Amazon fees, and help you guide your next decisions based on your finances.

Inventory Manager: Using a data-driven approach, Inventory Manager allows you to accurately predict how large your next stock reorder should be, the best dates to order it, and helps you to monitor inbound shipments. In addition to this, the tool helps you avoid running out of stock and paying long-term storage fees!

Alerts: This tool allows you to monitor changes to both your own products, and to your competitor’s products. Set alerts for various metrics, including images, new sellers to a particular category, pricing, BSR, ratings and more. Get notified if your rating drops below a certain point, if you receive new reviews, or sign up to receive daily emails with a summary of your product’s performance over the last 24 hours.

Now, on to the Chrome Extension (my personal favourite feature!)

Once you’ve downloaded the extension to your Chrome browser, in one click, you can have access to sales estimates, sales figures, review counts (and other competitive data), and receive profit projections – all in real time! This allows you to make informed decisions when selecting which product to add to your business, as it removes the guesswork.

But my favourite part – the part which makes product research just that little bit easier for new sellers – is the Opportunity Score.

Let’s look at the below example (from a search on the US Amazon website):

jungle scout

When you load up the Chrome Extension on an Amazon search page, you’ll see something similar to the above pop up.

As well as returning a variety of metrics including monthly sales figures, units sold and reviews, you’ll also see an Opportunity Score displayed.

When conducting product research, you ideally want to find a product which has high demand and low competition. The Opportunity Score takes this into account, and will return a mark out of 10 (the higher the mark, the more opportunity there is with this product). Receiving a score of 8, in this instance, would be a prompt to delve deeper into the product, and to explore your options further.

This Score provides an at-a-glance summary of whether a product is worth exploring further, and combines competition, demand and listing quality data to advise whether a product has any potential.

If it has potential (and therefore, a high Opportunity Score), you can start to explore it in more detail, and if it has a no potential (or a low Opportunity Score), you know to move on.

But this whole process takes – quite literally – seconds.

It really is one-click product research.

Jungle Scout Academy

Another huge reason why I’d recommend Jungle Scout to beginner sellers in particular, is for their Academy.

Now, when you’re first starting out, you’ll come across plenty of ‘Gurus’ looking to sell you their online course. Only, I’ve come to learn that both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout offer training programmes to sellers as part of their software membership.

And wow, is it in-depth (let’s not forget, Jungle Scout was founded by an eight-figure Amazon seller, afterall).

With over 130 videos covering every aspect of your Amazon business, it really is worth making the time to work your way through the Academy to ensure you are as best equipped for success as possible.

Why choose Jungle Scout over alternatives?

  • Jungle Scout is an all-in-one suite designed to help FBA sellers at all stages of their journey to build a successful Amazon private label business.
  • Did I mention it was founded by an eight-figure Amazon seller? If you want to work with anyone, I usually find it’s best to work with those who are where you want to be.
  • Incredibly user-friendly interface – especially for beginners, when it can all feel a little overwhelming.
  • Jungle Scout have been around the longest when it comes to Amazon software, and have built a super-helpful customer support team
  • Most affordable packages – which is particularly important when first starting out and you’re trying to watch your numbers.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Speaking of affordable packages, Jungle Scout’s pricing is as follows:

Jungle Scout monthly packages pricing

However, there are ways to get it even cheaper.

First up, there’s the option to pay yearly – which could save you up to 55%:

Jungle Scout annual packages pricing

Alternatively, as an affiliate of Jungle Scout, Funding Her Freedom readers are eligible for extensive discounts when signing up here – and that includes on the already-discounted annual packages!

Click through, and see what savings you can make today.

My Jungle Scout review – and why I’ve just signed back up to them

So, I mentioned above that when I was first exploring the world of Amazon and ecommerce, I signed up to both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout – afterall, both were so highly recommended, that it was difficult to choose between them, and I wanted to try them both for myself before committing!

In terms of user interface – especially where Chrome Extensions were concerned – Jungle Scout won it for me. Maybe it’s because of the colour scheme, or simply just the layout, but it certainly felt like it presented data in an easy-to-digest format (especially as an ecommerce newbie!)

However, as soon as I found my first product, I cancelled my Jungle Scout membership.


Because I hadn’t taken the time to truly understand the software, and the wide variety of tools on offer – and thought it was only there to help with product research, NOT listing optimisation and management. I thought as I’d found my product, that was now it – I’d just sign back up to them when looking for my second product.

So, if you’re reading this, please don’t make the same mistake as I did…

I will forever now preach to anybody and everybody the importance of taking the time to go through the tutorial videos that accompany all software (of which there are a whole host available for Jungle Scout) and get the most out of your subscription. That includes working your way through every single one of the Academy videos. Yep – every one.

You just know that most users won’t make the time to do so – which will already give you an advantage over your competitors.

Now that I’m back in the product research phase for my third product, you can bet I’ve signed back up to Jungle Scout, and this time, will be keeping it to help guide my listing optimisation, keyword research and for keeping an eye on my competitors.  

Wherever you are in your Amazon business – be it a complete newbie, or a seasoned pro – Jungle Scout has an extensive range of tools to suit your needs in a handy, understandable format.

The fact I’ve gone back to them recently speaks volumes.

Jungle Scout Amazon selling success is just around the corner

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