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How Does The Helium 10 Chrome Extension Work?

March 28, 2021 No Comments
How does the Helium 10 Chrome Extension work?

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click through to a website from a link found here on my blog and register or purchase something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. 

There are a whole host of options available when you’re looking at which software is right for your Amazon business. This post breaks down everything you need to know about the Helium 10 Chrome Extension – a particularly useful bit of kit.

I’ve been selling on Amazon now for a couple of years – but until November, I was solely focused on arbitrage and wholesale. However, private labelling was always the business model that interested me most, and I’m now on my fifth month selling my own products via Amazon FBA.

In order to do so, I rely heavily on Helium 10, which is quite literally the backbone of my business. From product research, to competitor insights, to PPC campaigns – I genuinely use it everyday, and the Helium 10 Chrome Extension is the main feature I swear by.

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But before we get ahead of ourselves, let me bring it back a little and introduce you to Helium 10.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an incredibly all-encompassing bit of software that I wholeheartedly recommend to every single Amazon private label seller.

It can help you find a product to sell, create irresistible product listings on Amazon, target particular keywords that will convert the most sales possible, and it also comes with a whole suite of support features.

Over 700,000 Amazon sellers currently use Helium 10, and along with the services it provides, the team have also managed to build an incredibly supportive and active community across various channels.

Their podcast (‘Serious Sellers Podcast’) and Youtube channel (search ‘Helium 10’) in particular are absolute musts when it comes to staying abreast of the latest Amazon updates, and hearing case studies from sellers who are killing it on the platform.

If you’re looking to give your Amazon business the best chance of success, it’s well worth investing in the software (which you will be using just about everyday) – and getting access to the Freedom Ticket course as a bonus.  

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Best of all, Helium 10 are offering all Funding Her Freedom readers a heavily discounted rate if you sign up via this link, or using the code below:

Helium 10 Coupon

What is the Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

The Helium 10 Chrome Extension provides you with an instant evaluation of products within Amazon search results, allowing you to analyse the competition, calculate predicted product sales, and ultimately identify whether a product you’re considering selling, has the potential to be a success.

It’s an incredibly useful suite of tools that can help you qualify products during your research phase, as well as track how many units your competitors have in stock, how many reviews they have, and download the search results into a spreadsheet for later analysis.

How Much Does the Helium 10 Chrome Extension Cost?

The Helium 10 Chrome Extension comes free with any Helium 10 paid subscription package – but you can also receive 50 free uses as part of a free trial.

To sign up to the free trial today (and then be eligible for the discounted rates mentioned above), click here.

How do you set up the Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

As the name suggests, the Helium 10 Chrome Extension has to be used via Chrome. You can either sign up through the Helium 10 website here, or you can find it on the Chrome Web Store via a simple search.

Either way, you’ll need to create a Helium 10 account (free or paid for versions), and then download the software via the Web Store in two separate stages.

Once downloaded, with your account set up, you’re good to go – and the next section of this post will show you how to get the most out of the software.

How do you use the Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

So, your Helium 10 Chrome Extension account is all set up, and your bookmarks bar should now look like this – as you can see, the Helium 10 Chrome Extension symbol is visible:

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Head to the Amazon website and search for a product you’re potentially interested in – for this example, I’ll be looking at rolling pins (please note, I’m not saying these are products you should necessarily be releasing!)

Once all results have been loaded, you’re ready to load the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

When you click the symbol in your bookmarks bar, you’ll see that Xray and ASIN Grabber are available to select. The Profitability Calculator, Inventory Levels and Review Insights features are only designed to work on specific product pages to give a deeper look into set products, rather than on results pages with multiple products displayed at once.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension


Let’s look into Xray first. When you click on this, it prompts the Chrome extension to search all products on the results page, and produces a pop-up chart appearing infront of the Amazon webpage.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Xray

The first thing you’ll notice is the heading, which displays the following combined details for all listings within this page, based on the last month:

  • Total Search Volume for that particular keyword (in this case, ‘rolling pin’)
  • Total Revenue
  • Average Revenue
  • Average BSR
  • Average Price
  • Average Reviews
  • Two numbers – the first demonstrates how many of the top 10 products have a revenue of over £5,000, and the second demonstrates how many of the top 10 products have under 75 reviews

Just below this heading, you’ll see an indepth chart providing the following key information for every individual product on the results page:

  • ASIN
  • Brand
  • Title
  • Category
  • BuyBox
  • Number of sellers on the listing
  • Fulfilment method (merchant or Amazon)
  • Price
  • FBA fee
  • Number of sales in the last month (units)
  • Revenue
  • BSR
  • Rating
  • Review Count
  • Review Velocity
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Size Tier
  • Images
  • Listing Creation Date

By clicking on a column header, you’re able to sort the data based on a particular parameter. For example, if you click ‘Revenue’, you’ll be able to see what the top earners are making, and also look into the other stats relating to that product, including review count, FBA fee and the price it’s currently selling for.

If you hover over the ASIN, you are then able to see what the product looks like – and if you click through on the ASIN, you’ll be taken straight to the product listing.

You might notice that some of the results are marked SP – this means that the seller is using PPC (or Amazon advertising) to appear this high up in the search results. For those without SP, it means they’re making organic sales, without having to use advertising – indicating a potential high demand for their product.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Xray

ASIN Grabber

The next feature available to view on a product results page is the ASIN Grabber, which is particularly useful when researching seasonal products.

Now, the general school of thought is that, at least when starting out on your Amazon private label journey, you want to steer clear of seasonal products – and instead strive to source a product that sells all your round (otherwise known as an ‘Evergreen product’).

However, when cashflow permits, it might be worth looking at particular seasons as well, and building this into your product portfolio, which is when the ASIN Grabber could be particularly useful.

With Easter around the corner, let’s use that as an example.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension ASIN Grabber

We might search something like ‘Easter bonnet kit’. You can see from the results obtained by ASIN Grabber that it returns high level information for the first couple of pages of results on Amazon, with a link to the ASIN, the title, the price, and where they currently rank for this keyword. By clicking on the download symbol at the bottom right of the ASIN Grabber pop-up, you can then export to a .csv file, and come back to it at a later date.

Another particularly useful feature of ASIN Grabber is for product targeting. Say Easter is right around the corner, and you want to maximise your sales as much as possible before it’s over for another year. You can download this ‘Easter bonnet kit’ list, and open in an Excel document.

Once downloaded, you can then select the top 20-50 ASINs, copy them, and create a new PPC targeting campaign so that your product will potentially show up as a sponsored ad on these selected competitors’ listings.

Now let’s explore the other features of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, which become available to use on a particular product listing.


As well as using it on the results pages as we’ve seen above, Xray can also be used on specific product listings, where it presents a chart with the sales data specific to that particular product and all its variations.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Xray

Profitability Calculator

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business, so when researching a potential product, this is hugely important.

Start by finding a competitors’ product you like the look of, and think your product will be similar to.

When you load up the Profitability Calculator, you’ll see Helium 10 has inserted some of the numbers for you. If you need to change or add any of these numbers, you can – and you’ll see the overall figures change in response.

Using the Profitability Calculator allows you to make a more informed, calculated guess when selecting which product you’ll want to bring to market, and is something that should always be considered when choosing your next steps.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Profitability Calculator

Inventory Levels

Staying on a competitors’ listing, the Inventory Levels feature allows you to get a feel for the amount of units they currently have in stock within Amazon’s warehouses.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Inventory Levels

Review Insights

When conducting your product research, and looking into competitors’ listings, you always want to pay great attention to their current reviews to find inspiration on ways to improve on their product.

The Review Insights feature on the Helium 10 Chrome Extension helps speed this up for you, in an easy-to-read format, and allows you to filter it down into review ratings, types of reviews and date ranges.

The results are displayed in a new window with three different tabs: All Reviews, All Questions and Review Analysis.

‘All Reviews’ displays all reviews received that meet your selected metrics, ‘All Questions’ displays all questions asked during your particular date range, and ‘Review Analysis’ shows the most frequently appearing phrases pulled from the reviews.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Review Insights

You can also download all of the reviews that meet your requirements to refer back to at a later date, should you need to.

Final Thoughts on the Helium 10 Chrome Extension

If you’ve been reading Funding Her Freedom for a while now, you’ll know how I feel about Helium 10 and the extensive suite of tools available within the software.

However, if I had to pick a favourite feature, for me, it’s the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

It provides quick, detailed insights into any keyword you’re interested in, and it allows you to keep an eye on your competitors’ listings. It’s a great way to qualify potential products during your product research phase – especially by being able to see how many times a particular keyword is being searched for each month, and how much revenue similar products are making – and read up on reviews to find out how you can improve on existing items.

It also lets you check inventory levels for other products, work out how competitive it may be to rank for the same keyword, and in general, enables you to make a much more informed, calculated gamble when launching a new product.

But don’t take my word for it – sign up for Helium 10’s free trial here, and try it for yourself. I promise it’ll soon be your must-have tool too!

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