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How This Content Creator Makes Money on Youtube

February 15, 2021 1 Comment

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click through to a website from a link found here on my blog and register or purchase something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. 

Making money online is a brilliant way to secure financial freedom and location independence, and this post – the latest in the Year of the Side Hustle series – explores how this content creator makes money on Youtube.

I’ve been following Christos Fellas’ journey on Instagram for a good few years now. We both started reselling on Amazon around the same time, and I’ve since seen him go from strength to strength – from wholesale seller, to property investor, to Youtube creator.

That’s why, when thinking of who I’d love to interview for this post on how Youtubers are able to make money using the platform, he was my first port of call – and I was thrilled when he agreed to share his journey with us here on Funding Her Freedom.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it…

FHF: Hey Christos, thank you so much for letting me ask you a few questions about your Youtube journey! I’d love it if you could start by introducing yourself for the readers please.

CF: Hey Steph, thanks for having me on your blog. Sure, my name is Christos, I’m 29 years old from Norwich and I have a Youtube channel where I talk about entrepreneurship, running an online business and investing.

FHF: What drew you to Youtube, and how long have you been on there?

CF: Well in all fairness, I have always wanted to be a ‘Youtuber’. I originally wanted to start a gaming channel when I was a teenager but that didn’t work out too well for me. Fast forward a few years, I fell in love with teaching people how to make money and Youtube was the perfect place to do it.

FHF: Please could you tell us more about your content – what could Funding Her Freedom readers expect to see on your channel?

CF: Whilst I do dive into many different topics about online business, I mainly talk about the one I know most about – and that is reselling. I do this mainly on Amazon, where I purchase products at clearance from retail and online stores, and then sell them on for profit.

I am also very passionate about personal finance and investing, so expect to see more of that kind of content in the near future.

FHF: How much time do you spend on creating content for your channel each week?

CF: On average I would say two and a half days of my week are dedicated towards creating content on Youtube.

FHF: You’re such a natural infront of the camera! How long did it take you to feel comfortable presenting, or is it something you’ve always been happy to do?

CF: I appreciate that, but I can happily say it didn’t come naturally! When I watch my first videos I really cringe, but at the same time it’s nice to see how much I have improved. I would say I noticed a big difference in my camera presence around six months in.

FHF: How many views do you average each month, and how many subscribers do you have?

CF: I currently average around 15,000 views a month, with 4,150 subscribers.

FHF: How do you get new subscribers?

CF: I think they come from a variety of places, with a lot through word of mouth on social media. There is a great community in the reselling world, and I often get referred to a lot which I am extremely grateful for. Other than that, I try to push very hard during my videos for people to subscribe, as it’s a big driving factor to growing your channel.

FHF: How have you found monetising, and how long did it take you to be able to start monetising?

Monetising on my Youtube channel has been really rewarding. It actually took me a whole year to become monetised through the Youtube Adsense program, but I was able to earn money from affiliate links pretty much from day one.

Want to know the exact numbers Christos made in 2020? This video is an absolute must-watch!

FHF: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a Youtube channel with a view to monetising?

CF: My number one piece of advice to everyone that’s looking to monetise their Youtube content is to not think about the money at all, and just enjoy creating videos.

If you are only focused on the money, there’s a high chance you will give up sooner, because building a successful Youtube channel, for 95% of people, isn’t an overnight success story – it takes a lot of time and patience.

Focus on making great, honest and valuable content, and the money will naturally come.

FHF: What’s next for your Youtube channel, and what goals do you have for the future of your channel?

CF: My goal this year is to produce 150 videos and hit 20k subscribers. in terms of content, I want to look at more ways of making an income online, and I also want to interview people from different backgrounds to give my viewers as much value as I possibly can, to help them improve their lives by building an online income.

FHF: Amazing, we’re looking forward to seeing you smash your goals in 2021!

A huge thank you to Christos for taking the time to share his journey with us – creating content on Youtube is certainly a tempting side hustle, and it’s so inspiring to hear from somebody that is already making money with it.

Sure, it takes time, but focusing on creating content that is useful, informative and engaging is key to monetising – and converting viewers to subscribers is incredibly important. Enjoy the process, be honest and consistent, and the money will follow.

For a full list of ways you can monetise your content on Youtube in 2021, head to this post.

Inspired by Christos’ interview and want to learn more about his various money-making endeavours? You can find him across the internet in the following places:




1 Comment

  • Christos Fellas February 15, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    Thank you so much for the interview Steph. It’s been great following your journey also along the same timeline as myself.

    I had great fun and I LOVE the blog!


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